Week Full of Smoothies for Breakfast

Hello my dear readers, let me share this weeks experience of having smoothies for breakfast. Challenging yes, exciting for sure and morning boost it is! Before this post, I drank smoothies few times before, by few I mean I can count them on my fingers. So this was not only curiosity it was one more step closer to a healthier lifestyle. And it is fun making each morning something new, it brings such energy and fulfilment. I am totally challenging you guys to try it, the recipes you can choose for yourself because there are so many to choose from. Just find yours.

DAY 1 Banana Breakfast Smoothie.

It was so light and delicious didn’t even notice how fast I drank it all. Honestly, I felt energised more than usual, I don’t know maybe because it was something new and I was too excited about that or Banana worked its magic. First time making this smoothie I measured every ingredient, that’s what people usually do when they are making something for the first time. Follow the recipe they say. So I did. Now I have trained myself enough so I can make this smoothie without measuring, no really. Big Thanks to Marsha! Definitely making more of them for my breakfast. The awesome recipe you can find just by clicking on this button right here which says CHEERS! Oh, one more thing, Marsha’s recipe says that banana should be frozen, well I used not frozen still tasted good.

DAY 2 Summer Fruit Smoothie.

Let me start with the easy part which is blending. Lucky for me I chose to prepare ingredients the day before because omg it takes so much time to peel and cut peaches. Never understood that fruit or I’m just not that good with my hands. LOL. But the morning was awesome I just threw everything in and blended till the magic was born. Again yummy to my tummy. Love Love fruits and now I know how they taste when they are blended together. The best part is that this smoothie consists of just fruits and liquid, I added water, but next time I’ll maybe add some juice. Experiment why not! For this smoothie recipe click HERE and enjoy. This is why it’s called make-ahead smoothie packs it’s when you make things in advance so it will take you only 6 minutes in the morning to prepare your Vitamin Boost Smoothie.

DAY 3 Blueberry Muffin Smoothie.

I so wished there could be a muffin blended somewhere. But it’s okay less sugar is good right? Anyways the smoothie is easy to prepare, I used fresh bananas because I forgot to put them in the freezer, instead of vanilla Greek yoghurt I used the simple Greek yoghurt because I couldn’t find one here in nearest shops. And Certified gluten-free oats I replaced with Organic whole grain oat flakes which are made her in Latvia – Dobele. As I was afraid to over do with oats again, I used only half a portion. Still loved the result, so delishhh! A full recipe you can find right her by clicking this YAMYAM button.

DAY 4 Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie.

So this one is a special one. I chose this recipe because of the vanilla strawberry part. Because why not. So at first didn’t think about the proportions because I thought it’s for on serving as every other I made before but when the morning came, lucky me that I froze 1-kilo of strawberries. When suddenly I noticed the 4 cups thing in the recipe I was like what?! I was thinking will my blender handle this? So I started with a half of kilo then added other ingredients and only then blended the rest of strawberries. I used only 75 g of oats, again I didn’t want to overdo because when you add too many oat flakes the smoothie becomes very stiff. Jelly like. With everything that was going one in the morning and ‘what should I do now with so many strawberries’ thought the smoothie ended up very berrylicious. So just click HERE and see what you need for this smoothie to get you moving in the morning. Good Luck!

DAY 5 Pineapple Orange with Banana Smoothie.

OMG, I blended in so many carrots, I guess I am going to turn into a bunny. Just kidding! At first, I was so excited about the smoothie because of the orange juice part, but at the end, this one wasn’t for me. But my husband loved it, he drank it all. By all, I mean about 3 cups. Don’t mind my taste try for yourself. Check out the recipe HERE.

Why haven’t I done it earlier, smoothie week is a great idea, each day is something new. Definitely felt more energised after morning smoothies, although battery ends at some point. But we Mums keep on going as always! Right!? Friday is here, weeks fly. So enjoy this post, make yourself a smoothie of your choice and go live, love, have fun!

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