Valentines Day – Don’t Forget The Little Things 5 Tips

Hope the upcoming Valentine’s day is getting you into this ‘love is all around’ mood. Spreading, sharing, bringing, receiving! So today’s post is about finding those little things on Valentines Day, finding romance even in a simple movie night with a glass of wine no matter single, married, in a relationship or the common one – it’s complicated (always the funny one, laugh). I know how hard it is sometimes to see others preparing weeks in advance for this one special night. Hearts, balloons, romantic dinner… marketing you know!? But we tend to forget that we love not only that one day in the year but we love all through the years and no matter how cheesy it sounds I love those romantic comedies on Valentine’s when two people share a little bag of heart-shaped candy just sitting on the bench in the park. If it is still cold outside try to wear something warm for those kind moments (lol)! But anyways let’s find those little things that we love… And I will share some tips how to make Valentines Day special for you!

#1 Okay it’s 2018 but guys can we not get too like all things digital now?!

Remeber there is still pen and paper (write whats on your heart and draw a heart or something that represents your relationship). A simple ‘hey babe’ call or might as well be a sexy call (not texting). Or better you naked in a bed, not some selfie of your breasts with a dirty text ‘they miss you’ (of course works for long distance relationships but come on don’t forget the cheesy things).

#2 Show some cupcake appreciation!

Bake one or more than one, buy one in the store (probably not even Valentines theme related). Love goes through all stomaches not only through men’s!

3# Chocolate …you might have heard this one before!

This, of course, screams all things Valentine but why not? It’s nothing too expensive. And does the word chocolate sound sexy to you or it’s just me? (have you tried strawberries dipped in chocolate? Omg to die for…)

#4 Flowers now deliver in boxes and candy shaped

It’s beautiful, amazing, wow I know! But guys there is still nothing wrong with that one single flower stolen from your neighbours beautiful garden (cheesy romantic comedy again). But really there’s only what works better for you on this Valentines Day.

#5 Home cooked dinner or a lovely take-out?!

Nutrition, healthy lifestyle and stuff. This is each and everyone’s personal lifestyle and choices. But home-cooked meal, especially as a surprise one, works for me every time. And even if it’s not happening take-out with my love is everything I need!


Be creative there are so many ideas on how to make your Valentines Day special all in or on the budget!

Hope you like my tips and they have turned out helpful or reminded you that little things are the ones that count too. Wish you all the love! Enjoy! I thought I might finish this post with XOXO but HEARTS HEARTS HEARTS sound more cheesy (lol me again)!

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