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3 Days in Beautiful City of Norway – Bergen

Every trip starts with the road. And as I soon found out the roads are quite rocky, and by rocky I mean the view around. It’s like riding through the tunnel but without a roof, sky meets mountain walls in different sizes, shapes, and greens of nature, it was just beautiful and breathtaking. Why I felt amazed by this view you ask? Simple, as I come from Latvia, all we can see is solid straight ground, beautifully covered with trees, lakes and meadows of-course. 

Bergen was something new to me! Around the city, I was touring with my husband and our guides were friends of ours. We tried to enjoy time and capture as much as possible, so some names of the places we visited did not stick in my head so I will try my best to remember some of them during this post. The Norwegian language was quite challenging. But that did not stop us moving our feet up and down the hills which as the legends say are inhabited by trolls and witches.

As much as we loved just driving around the neighbourhood, we still wanted to see the city centre of Bergen. We were quite lucky to catch a sunny day in the city, I guess I forgot to mention that we were visiting Bergen in September, so rain was just a part of the everyday weather. And so we took a big stroll around the city to catch and capture. Down from city streets, fish and other markets.

Up to the lovely Fløyen mountain where The Fløibanen funicular takes us 320 m above the sea level. On the last day of the trip we chose to be amazed by Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, so our friends took us on a little ride to the village of Steine in Hordaland county, enjoying every other waterfall down or up the road that we saw. And again this ride through mountains and around them made us see the beauty of nature and how people managed to build a life around it. It is just crazy scary how people can build their home on rocks and on many levels down or up the hills. Amazing, right?!

Tip #1: Plain tickets

If you are travelling from Baltic countries plane tickets are not too expensive. For staying in hotels prices are average, but that depends on your wishes or affordability. Prices in Bergen are quite high. (But again it depends on affordability)

Tip #2: Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

To make most of your time there, it helps if you choose to see one place at a time, especially if it takes two or more hour ride. What doesn’t help is that you try to visit too many places in one day because it might make you feel emotionally drained rather than excited about seeing the beautiful sights. It’s not about how much you see, it’s about enjoying each and every place you visit. Don’t forget it’s a vacation, not a school-trip museum day!

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