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    Week Full of Smoothies for Breakfast

    Hello my dear readers, let me share this weeks experience of having smoothies for breakfast. Challenging yes, exciting for sure and morning boost it is! Before this post, I drank smoothies few times before, by few I mean I can count them on my fingers. So this was not only curiosity it was one more step closer to a healthier lifestyle. Continue Reading

  • Food

    Getting Ready For Smoothie Breakfast Week

    So yesterday I was checking out some posts on Pinterest in search of some awesomely delicious smoothie recipes and decided to make this week a smoothie breakfast week. You ask why? Because it’s…

  • Fitness Lifestyle

    Fun Fact: I Am Into Yoga

    So excited about this post because I am determined now more than ever to do yoga and get better at it. So, guys, yoga is definitely not for everybody, but for…