Planning Your 2018 Goals

Here we are in 2018 with our resolution list or just a few points written down and yet it does not matter how many goals are on your list or you only have a few sketches in your head. What matters is that you have set your goals. And who said you can only write your goals for 2018 in 2017? Exactly, no one! As I was reading few resolution posts from my fellow bloggers. By the way, I really admire how other bloggers bring they personality in each ‘My New Years Resolution List’, and there is no such thing as copy paste between them, they all have that inner meaning why they have decided to write their resolutions or not.

Back to my point, I had some years when I had set my goals at the end of the year for the next one… And during that new year, it appeared that I have new goals I would want to add to my list (And yeah, for me this ‘list’ thing never grows old, I prefer to make one and I do not regret if I had not accomplished something on my list because I believe that there is always a chance to do it next year anyways), because how can a person realy grow by setting only a few goals that year and what if you underestimated time and you have accomplished your goals before the year is over?! In this moment a person can lose an inspiration.

And remember your life goals are not some business 5-year plan with all the executive summary, mission statement and SWOT analysis etc. (Heads about to explode?! Yeah!) So here are some advice more pointed out so you don’t get lost in all of my philosophy.


Pen and paper are good (And I prefer things to be written) but in our modern world if you write your goals digitally – do it!



Don’t overthink if you have a goal write it down even if it’s ‘drink more water’ (Always a good one). If you have a hard time formulating a thought just let it be.



If you are a creative one you can draw your goals and maybe hang it on your wall (No one will know but you the meaning of your art…Mistery!).



When you have formulated your thought – there is always a chance to make some changes to your resolution list! Like I have said you can add your goals whenever you want and when you are ready to. So this year still counts!  I hope you don’t just write down your goals and look back on them only at the end of the year, right!?



Don’t write things you might want to do but not sure you really want to. For example, if your goal is to go skydiving but you are really afraid of heights. But if your goal this year is skydiving and you really want to get over your fears, GO! One thing is for sure, you might not even write down this as your goal, you might get spontaneous during the year and just decided one day then you will just go and skydive.



Don’t forget it is just a list of your stepping up points, not some exam you are getting ready for a whole year, drinking a tone of coffee, never sleep and hope for a good outcome. It is your year of doing things you want, things you love and becoming your best YOU! Make your dreams come true!

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