How Can You Say No To Cute Babystuff?

    I love baby stuff especially ones that are with an identity and which most likely are handmade (So great!). So I ran into these fantastic facebook pages called BOM-BON mākonīši and Ar…

  • Lifestyle

    Bonsai For Good Fortune

    I really love plants and couldn’t imagine not having any around, if I could I would probably choose to live in the countryside with green grass, flowers and trees in surroundings…

  • Lifestyle

    Nice Bath Is My Relaxation

    I bet we all have our favorite every day or every week rituals. Mine is taking a nice, warm and relaxing bath. I dream of having a jacuzzi someday but let’s not…

  • Food

    Week Full of Smoothies for Breakfast

    Hello my dear readers, let me share this weeks experience of having smoothies for breakfast. Challenging yes, exciting for sure and morning boost it is! Before this post, I drank smoothies few times…

  • Food

    Getting Ready For Smoothie Breakfast Week

    So yesterday I was checking out some posts on Pinterest in search of some awesomely delicious smoothie recipes and decided to make this week a smoothie breakfast week. You ask why? Because it’s…

  • Fitness Lifestyle

    Fun Fact: I Am Into Yoga

    So excited about this post because I am determined now more than ever to do yoga and get better at it. So, guys, yoga is definitely not for everybody, but for…

  • Food Lifestyle

    Greek Is My Salad Name

    Let’s celebrate because this is my second food post. Why not share this awesome and easy recipe to make a delicious Greek salad. Guess what it takes only a few minutes to prepare this…

  • Fitness

    Make it Hard Make it Good

    Did you know how hard it is to start something at some point? And everything doesn’t go according to your plans. Same goes for your wishes to have a perfect body yet…

  • Food Lifestyle

    Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

    Seasons change fast and sometimes summer is missed very much. Not only because of its warm and sunny weather but for its fruits and berries as well. That is why I saved…