Nice Bath Is My Relaxation

I bet we all have our favorite every day or every week rituals. Mine is taking a nice, warm and relaxing bath. I dream of having a jacuzzi someday but let’s not get to exclusive for now (Laugh). If I would have to play Never have I ever game and the question was about trying out different bath types my answer probably would be no. I guess I have not yet experienced a lot of things in life, but as I love to say we all have the chances we just need to go and use them (Something I say in need of motivation). So where was I? Yes, my ritual is very simple but of course, it has a little bit of this and a little bit that.

So while my pretty warm water is filing my bath I add some sea salt (I use Stenders cosmetics sea salt), It’s about 200 grams sometimes a little bit more. Oh, one more thing, I heard that Epsom salt works more magic but haven’t tried one yet. Then I add a few drops of lavender oil (that sense is just so relaxing – L’occitane is my fav). Then I light up some candles sometimes ones that are not scented just for the relaxation feeling and put on my playlist. (Don’t have any specific playlists to point out because Spotify is just full of a different kind of relaxing music and I just hit play on the first one that pops out. But I prefer water sounds sometimes. If you wanna go wild darlings you can always add some rose petals or anything that you desire!  😉

One other thing, after a bath, rinse yourself lightly in the shower and warm up in an especially soft towel. Then use some soft cream and play dress up in your robe (Just kidding, no dress up just comfort). Did you know that wearing a robe after a bath is not just a thing it helps you stay warm enough time for your cream (if you use one) to soak in better?

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