Muffin and Coffee on a Saturday

Don’t be afraid to take a lazy Saturday or any other day you feel like it should be spent without any rush, in the right mood or just enjoying the simplicity of life. So I took Saturday off, besides it’s nice to see people around doing the same thing, whether it’s just a nap in the park or late lunch in the restaurant or maybe just a simple ride with a bicycle. I chose to visit Caffeine LV which is a coffee shop that you can find in Riga as well as some other European countries and drink a cup or two of delicious coffee.

They offer almost anything from hot to cold coffee, a simple cup of tea or smoothie if you prefer something refreshing. Am I a big fan of coffee? No, but I guess we all crave different things sometimes. My choice was Caramel Macchiato and to make it more pleasant for my big sweets craving heart or maybe stomach most likely I preferred to add a chocolate muffin to my order. Yam. It’s funny how sugar is more likely known as the energy source, but I feel very peaceful and happy while eating something sweet. Well, that’s me. Sweet.

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