Make it Hard Make it Good

Did you know how hard it is to start something at some point? And everything doesn’t go according to your plans. Same goes for your wishes to have a perfect body yet each day you stay at that point where you just wish for your body to be perfect without taking any action. Of course, your goal might not be the perfect body, probably it’s your health you want to take care of, anyways work in progress is better than no work at all. In my own experience, it was hard to start, take action. Always putting my workout plan on tomorrow’s to-do list yet somehow this box never checked out. On one beautiful day without any overthinking, I put on my running outfit, turned on Spotify and went out. I started running. My first 200 meters and I was out of my breath, but I set my goal on 2 kilometres so there was no turning back. My first run and I managed to walk most of the distance.

But of course, I wasn’t happy about it but I finished it. There is this second milestone after you manage to take action. It is not to stop at your first try. So to stay motivated I challenged myself to take a part in running competition for women which will take place on 7th of May this year. I decided to run 5-kilometre distance, some might say it’s not a lot but it’s enough for the start. Especially for now while I am still breastfeeding my little one. On my 2nd Day, I ran half of the way and felt better about my accomplishment. At this point, I felt more confident that it will get better, I will get better! And now I catch myself thinking it’s not that hard when you make it good. I have been running for two weeks now and I can run 2 km all the way, so it is time to make it up to 3 km and keep up till I hit 5 km so I can prove myself at the competition.

Tip #1: Motivation

Remember it’s not about the distance, it’s about the will to start, challenge to grow and goal to be accomplished.

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