How To Be Prepared For Your Family Photo

We all want that perfect family picture apart from ones we just take at home all through the year. I personally turn for help to a professional photographer so I don’t have to make a photo shooting set out of scratch and we don’t have yet that much space at home to do a photoshoot anyway. So this is our first family photo shoot before Christmas to set the mood and I just love everything that screams Christmas, you know little things matching jumpers, decorations (Red, green and sparkly), cookies, Christmas songs, hot cocoa ‘por su puesto’ (Which means of course). But to prepare for your Family photo shoot, it takes more than just let’s go and do this, so I will share some tips so you can be prepared as well (Because toddlers are toddlers and they might have an off day in a split seconds, moms know what I am talking about right?!)


Well slept baby is a happy baby! So when you make time arrangements for your family photo shoot remember to set the time when your baby has slept before and has the most energy at that time.


His or her tummy should not feel empty. Feed your baby good before the photo shoot so the energy levels stay in tune so you don’t have to put a break on the photo shoot to go and feed the baby (because remember you only have 1 to 2 hours to make your family photo perfect).


Snack pack. Don’t forget to take a little snack for your toddler because the mood can change so fast and apart from that he or she will need mommy time, snack time will help your little one not to focus only on your cuddling.


Before you put your little one in front of the camera and say ‘cheese’, try walking him around and help a toddler learn where you all are and what is around. Talk to you baby describe what will you be doing there (and all that it will be fun, isn’t this nice).


Don’t be afraid of that ‘I have nothing to wear’ stuff or we are not matching, I understand we all have the image of perfection on how the family photo should look like but don’t forget that it is still your photo shoot and you decide how you all want to look in that picture and it still should bring you joy and fun!

Photo Credit to our dear friend Laura Kažmere! Your an awesome person and the professional in your field!

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