How Can You Say No To Cute Babystuff?

I love baby stuff especially ones that are with an identity and which most likely are handmade (So great!). So I ran into these fantastic facebook pages called BOM-BON mākonīši and Ar Mīlestību Ida. Yes, they are both based in Latvia and are local not worldwide yet, but anyways still reachable so if something caught your eye don’t be afraid to contact them. I really love that some people are that bold enough here in Latvia to start a business like that (So love love love). I got a dreamcatcher which I wanted from the start but I kind of wanted not a traditional one with the feathers and when I accidentally came upon this girl’s work from  Ar Mīlestību Ida she put pictures of dreamcatchers she made for weddings with flowers and ribbons all colors I kind of fell in love. So I wrote to her asking about can she make something special for me too. I wanted a mix of grey, pink and white colors (Oh how I love this mix, so perfect for our baby girl). OMG, the result was amazing she even made an initial letter A, so beautiful (Just what I wanted). The crib bumper from BOM-BON mākonīši was a must have. When I saw their work on their page (Pictures of all kinds of baby stuff for bed) I knew I would love to have something like that for my baby. And I again fell for cute (And the colors are matching. Blush).

Apart from that having a baby is another reason why more people are becoming shopaholics (Just kidding! Or am I?). Because how much does the baby really need apart from how much parents want there to be. Definitely not judging because I think that you should go and get everything you desire for your baby it’s a magical time for both parents and the baby! Go and spoil yourselves (Spoiling is not a bad thing if we have our boundaries when you know where to spoil and where not).  As we know little babies are not born with a tase (I mean baby cannot tell which color his/her room should be painted in or how much toys and what kind he or she prefers and omg where’s my first iPhone. Laugh). I think it is cool for parents to want to make a special place for their little one. And what an amazing opportunity for parents to express themselves, that is why there’s a thing called nesting during the pregnancy. 😀

Me and my #momlife talk, always my fav topic. 😳

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