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Greek Is My Salad Name

Let’s celebrate because this is my second food post. Why not share this awesome and easy recipe to make a delicious Greek salad. Guess what it takes only a few minutes to prepare this dish. Especially now when it’s almost summer and it’s getting hotter and you probably would prefer to eat something that is not grilled, baked or anything with high temperature. Something hot and meaty maybe later in the evening but a Greek salad is a very nice choice for lunch. Okey, I might have cooked a chicken as well. But I eat meat!

So this recipe of mine is the way I prefer to eat Greek salad which is without onions or anything spicy but again you can always mix something in for your taste buds only. In this recipe, you can not go wrong with proportions because if you like tomatoes add more of them or if the greens are the ones that make you drool then add them more. The only caution – do not add to much lemon juice it’s only for a slight sourness you don’t want to make “Lemon salad with Greek” or something like that. Even if you can’t go wrong with proportions try to balance the ingredients thou.

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