Getting Ready For Smoothie Breakfast Week

So yesterday I was checking out some posts on Pinterest in search of some awesomely delicious smoothie recipes and decided to make this week a smoothie breakfast week. You ask why? Because it’s summer no matter the weather which is quite rainy all day long, but still I want to bring a little bit of colour, energy and vitamins to my week so those cloudy dark days won’t seem so long and heavy. And as a breastfeeding mom, I understand the importance of getting enough vitamins for both me and the baby, so I guess this week’s smoothies will work magic for us both. Remember mommies your baby’s health is as much important as yours. So each day starting Monday I will make a delicious smoothie for breakfast. Very looking forward trying out some recipes I managed to find on Pinterest and later in my next post on Friday I will share my thoughts on those recipes. And tell you all about how did my breakfast smoothie week go.

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