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Fun Fact: I Am Into Yoga

So excited about this post because I am determined now more than ever to do yoga and get better at it. So, guys, yoga is definitely not for everybody, but for a slight piece of curiosity, I am challenging each of my readers to try it out. I am not pushing, you should totally decide for yourself. But I am definitely rooting for you to do it. So probably when you decide to try it out there might be this little teeny-tiny thought that starts with an “Am I ready for the big league?” just kidding, what I meant is that if you are not ready for public yoga with experienced people you can always settle for Youtube. Because I have tried a few times before my pregnancy so-called fitness yoga, I truly felt that I did not belong there and my muscles hurt like hell after this workout. And now my baby girl is already 6 months old and she probably takes all of my time and attention, I guess going for a yoga class somewhere isn’t a choice for me right now.

So here comes the awesome part. You can do yoga at home. Fun fact about yoga: “It’s not just for pretty women in skimpy leggings!” After a random click, on this amazing Youtube channel, I am now a fan of BrettLarkinYoga. Because I appreciate that she understands that yoga is not a part of most people everyday life and some people are not physically in the same shape. She definitely understands the word beginner. Let me say, I thought I was in a better shape. But guess what?! I made it through my first 15 minutes. It was hard, but it was interesting hard if you know what I mean. I go for this particular morning routine now which you can see down below because it helps me after my previous day run. Now I will try to challenge myself more. I will definitely go for now and before picture in the future, very curious to see how will I change.

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