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Hey guys, so this is what’s new! 2018 is already here with lots of new things on my ‘To Do’ list! Ahh, I am so excited, this year I have decided it’s time to work my but off (Yeah I will workout too but that is one of many ‘working my but off’ parts… Laugh), but what I mean is that I will be posting more frequently so I can grow in my blogging journey. I am still getting a hang of balancing family and work and free time in between. Because let’s get real it’s hard, but no worries if we can get ourselves together and plan we can certainly do a lot of things. By the way, I am giving a big high five to those Mums who can do it all and are doing it all! Sending all my love to you! So I decided why not to start a year with some presents. So if you will just scroll to the end of this post you’ll see three clouds with an arrow pointing down, those are free printable quotes for you guys so you can freshen’ up your interior. By the way, I love printable quotes and I know how hard it is to find ones you like and sometimes we want them to be a little bit different than the originals.

I guess I am lucky to have a husband as a graphic designer. So he helps a lot when it comes to making things the way I imagined them to be. When I said I love printable quotes I meant I am obsessed with them. I change the setting of my quotes probably at least once a year. I use A4 and A5 frame sizes so it would be easier to just take the old ones out and put new ones in. With canvas, it’s different in 5 years I could probably open my own gallery taking into the count my printing speed. Just kidding. Enjoy a good quote!

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