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I am now a bit more inspired by my recent gift called 6 minutes 365 days. This book ain’t some Diary, Planner or Notebook. The creators of this book call it ‘your choice for self-exploration’. It’s about helping people who are ready to open themselves to new opportunities and finding new interesting things about themselves.

So I got to the page named ‘Tunning Myself To Joy’ where you can write things that make you happy and you are not embraced by them. And for reals, why should we feel embraced by things that make us happy?! So by writing down things that make me happy I opened up for myself that I have been lately missing out on these things. You know what that means, right? It means that there goes never-ending question ‘why don’t I feel happy?’. Because there’s a big difference between just doing something (maybe even for benefit of others) and doing something that brings pleasure and this cozy, warm feeling of happiness. So here is my TOP10 (maybe I will inspire some of you!)

#1 The Sun

So here is the funny part, I recently watched Young&Hungry (by the way one of my fav tv shows). So two main characters Gabi and Sofia were wearing their bikinis and sipping cocktails in coconut shaped cups (feels like a great weekend picture, right?) but the bigger picture was that they actually were sitting on their balcony, with fans blowing the wind and listening to Hawaiian music on the phone. So it’s not about being in direct contact with a Sun, it’s about the feeling of joy in that moment of your creativity.

#2 The Coffee

Once or twice a day is a limit of course if you want to keep your skin as healthy as it possibly can be. For me it’s not about getting more energy it’s about the moment of drinking it in no rush at all.

#3 Shopping

I so love going on my shopping spree, but I am not too picky, so I do a lot of online shopping too.

#4 Watch a good comedy movie

Recently I have watched ‘A bad moms Christmas’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ (yes it’s genre is Science fiction film/Action but common just watch it trust me on that!) and if you would like to see my Top10 comedy movie list I would be more than happy to share it.

#5 Enjoying SPA day

I would probably love to enjoy SPA day more often but as long as I get my few hours a month or two I am happy. The decent one I’ve tried hare in Latvia is ESPA Riga.

#6 Sometimes doing nothing

You know how satisfying is putting your feet up somewhere on the table or a higher chair and daydream a bit or listen to music?!

#7 Taking long baths

Relax and be happy – the combination of two is amazing! If you haven’t read my article ‘NICE BATH IS MY RELAXATION’ yet, look up at my previous posts or just click here.

#8 Ordering takeout

Yes, please! We do cook at home of course but time to time I am feeling too cozy at home and ‘food delivered’ is a good recipe for having a blast!

#9 Singing

I am too shy for singing in front of a crowd but shower singing is my kind of thing. (Laugh)

#10 Trying out new things

Recently I have started scrapbooking. It takes time to print and write and glue but I am getting a hang of it.


Like the Book says it’s only 6 minutes of time to give to yourself! And if you can find more time for ‘happy moments’ – do it!

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