Christmas Greeting Cards For Loved Ones

Ohh Christmas… So Merry Christmas. Loving this time with all the preparations, decorations. Giving and gifting bring me so much joy. I just love to think of something different every year. Last year I sent out handmade greeting cards and filled the envelopes with glitter and stars (magic, magic, magic!). This year greeting cards are designed and filed with our love. So while searching the internet for ‘where to print pictures as polaroid cards’ I stumbled upon MYPRINT (which is a printing business based in Riga). At first, I wanted to try LALALAB. because well they promote themselves everywhere I guess which is great of course but I wanted something local so I’ll try LALALAB. next (will see how it goes). Back to the point then. MYPRINT offers not just polaroid cards but many other things like calendars, planners, albums, canvas with a touch of your identity (easy, you put it your personality and ideas and they just print it out, magic right?!). So for my first try, I decided to make something simple and sweet. I added a warm picture on the cover (lights, wood, stocking … nice). Inside the card, I wrote a simple greeting and short poem and signed as ‘Last name’ family. It took only a few minutes but the result is still amazing.

P.S. Big thanks to MYPRINT for quality (job well done!) and the girl who worked there that day, she not just helped me get in and get out of the store with my baby and stroller but her communication was so warm and uplifting I thank God there are some people who really love their jobs and makes you want to come back. Thanks, girl! 😎

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