Christmas Gift Ideas Under 10€

Do you feel like Christmas is on your doorstep and this joyful feeling is flying all around? And your budget is already overspent or you did not even count to make overpriced presents this year? So whatever is the reason I can help you here with some of the ideas. What I love about Christmas is that it is not the price of the gift that counts… It is a meaning (And usefulness partly). I made this list of things that are useful and under 10 Euros (And of course nice and cute and thoughtful).



Hello, mittens you are my hands best friend. You can find a decent pair of mittens almost in every store or better you can buy them from people who make this kind of stuff and don’t put brand names on them (Yes there are still people who do this because they love it).



Shirt Cuffs! Some might think there are no shirt cuffs under 10 Euros (Well diamonds are girl’s best friends, not men’s). So you know how wood is never going out of style, even more, people open their own business because they found a way what to make and how to make something out of wood. Back to the point there are wooden shirt cuffs and they look very authentic (And wood has this warm and strong aura). Go and chop the wood for your men (Just kidding just by something wooden)!



Accessories are something that will live in your box even if you forget about them (Or not). Girls love them because the real jewelry sometimes is too expensive and everything so let’s save this gift for different occasions. It could be a simple golden neckless with a heart or Christmas tree earrings (Make your pick because the choices are endless). Besides candy cane, earrings look so cute on Christmas!



Cups and mugs. Gifting trend always and forever. Because it is not like you only can purchase what you see in stores, now you can order to print something special of your choice on the mug. For me, if it’s Christmas time it is definitely a Chrismas themed mug for me!



Love it or hate it, but it’s pillow Darlings! Beautiful red with snowflakes (Like mine. Laugh!) or green with Christmas greetings, or white with sparkles depends on your taste. I think it is a warm and lovely gift! #pillowfight



Bookworms where are you, my friends?! I personally love books, so if you loved ones or friends are into them too you should totally wrap one in the gift paper and put it under the Christmas tree! A lovely poetry book for your sister?! Yes, please!



Hot chocolate gift set! Those are something special for real and delicious by the way. When I click on Pinterest search for gift ideas for Christmas I see lots of DIY sets of all kinds but the hot cocoa set is my fav because it looks so sweet and nice and we girls are everything like that (Aren’t we?!) Don’t miss a chance to prepare something DIY for your friends and family!



Hand cream or lip balm. It is not a coincidence that winter falls on Christmas or the other way around (Kind of haven’t figured out that part yet. LOL). It is getting cold so treat your lips and your hands as carefully as your face or other parts of your body. Because no one wants to kiss someone under the mistletoe and get hurt from chapped lips (Kidding about the hurt part but in any case scenario better take care of them all through the year) or while holding your hand your date start to think like we should probably wear mittens (Just saying).



Strangely forgot the word at first but what I meant is a sample… product sample – a mini version of the big stuff. That is in case you are not sure whether a person you are gifting it to likes that kind of product or will like it, so if you’ll buy little things he or she will just try it out or find herself/himself wondering where to get more in other words he or she will still be happy about your thoughtfulness!



Notebook – essential thing to every writer or mystery lover or just people like me who write down things so they won’t forget them. And the Notebooks come in different shapes and colors.

P.S. May the thoughtfulness and the Christmas spirit guide you through this journey of finding a special gift for your friends and family!

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