Bonsai For Good Fortune

I really love plants and couldn’t imagine not having any around, if I could I would probably choose to live in the countryside with green grass, flowers and trees in surroundings (But that is just something I can dream about for now). So this post is about Bonsai tree which I wanted to have for some time now but never got the right time to buy it. So this time it was a thing ‘saw it and somehow it was going home with me’ (And omg I managed to go to the shop somehow on a bad ass weather day). So I got to the shop called DEPO, it is the only one I know that sells plants and flowers (Gardening and stuff). Not to mention the customer service was horrible, a girl who worked there that day made me sorry I ever asked ‘can you help me please’ (Laughing now, but that day in that moment I was feeling quite angry at this girl).

At first, I was looking for a flower which was recommended by the neurologist (It’s called Geranium). What she said was that the scent of this flower helps reducing stress and anxiety and it has a calming effect so you can sleep better at night (If you are interested I can write another post on the calming scents reflecting on my experience during this time of parenthood, please do comment if you are interested and I will think about blogging about mom tips and stuff).

So back to the shop. The flower I was looking for wasn’t available there but I didn’t want the time I spent going to the shop to be wasted and there was this beautiful baby tree how I like to call them (So beautiful and so cute. Giggle). But the real name is Bonsai which is a Japanese art form using trees grown in containers. And literally, word Bonsai means ‘tray planting’. The history of Bonsai is even more fascinated (If you decide to look in that direction). What’s great is that these baby trees are already in the pots so you don’t need extra time to plant them. When I finally paid for the tree I wasn’t offered any bag at all to put it in or so ever, only other customer a nice lady helped me secure the pot so I won’t get mud all over myself because it was still wet from all the watering in the shop. So pot in my left hand, umbrella in my other hand I went to the minibus. Like I have mentioned before the weather was so nasty that my hands were freezing while holding everything. I’m not going into details (How I got minibus tickets and managed to get in and out of the minibus but it was challenging, I carried baby tree like a treasure). I am so happy that I finally got my long waiting Bonsai tree it is truly magical to have an actual tree but smaller one in the house. What is more exciting is that you can actually grow Bonsai tree on your own (Which is my next to do on the list next year) and challenge accepted.


I found this website called Bonsai Empire with a lot of information about Bonsai trees if you are deciding on whether to have one.

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