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Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Seasons change fast and sometimes summer is missed very much. Not only because of its warm and sunny weather but for its fruits and berries as well. That is why I saved some blueberries in my refrigerator so when the chilly seasons like autumn and winter would come around I would be prepared. And I know there are lots of other smoothie recipes to choose from this fall, but I decided to bring up a little bit of vitamin K and C. As a matter of fact, this was my first try of mixing these ingredients together, so my proportions were a bit over do I guess.

I’ll explain why. As we know oats quite well suck in water, that is why they are used in small portions for a dish or in this case a smoothie to be more liquid-like, so 1 cup of oats or even a little bit less will be enough. But as it turns out with my ‘little bit over do’ I found out how to make smoothie yoghurt for later. With this particular recipe, you can put this smoothie in the fridge and consume it later with a spoon just like yoghurt. I quite like it. Hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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