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6 Steps To Be On Your Way To Your Fitness Goals

Funny fact about me: I struggle with getting fit. And probably this sounds more like the sad truth rather than a fact but… Most of you can relate to this right?! No, I have not tried any diets or anything that rips you off from all of your fav food. I just opened up some ways for myself to keep me motivated. I am still in the process of everything but this is what I have learned so far and I thought why not to share. I hope that this might help those who really struggle and probably have tried more things to lose weight than I did. So stick with me.  😉

#1 It’s not about cutting off it’s about decreasing one thing and increasing another

And I don’t mean you need to eat less food. Because eating less depends on many other things like special diets or stress (Like I said things). Let me give you an example: Decrees your average everyday intake of spoons of sugar while preparing your morning tea or coffee. Increase your meal times (Small but healthy portions, because there are so many different ways of preparing food for your taste so you can stick to your fav menu at all times). One for sure this won’t rush you and it’s gonna take time and most likely help you get closer to your goals.

#2 Find your fitness goal Pic

This one is such an easy thing to do and is suggested by many fitness trainers (If you can see it you can reach it. Yeah! @nike). Just scroll down your Pinterest for inspiration. And go get moving!

#3 You decide whats good for you

Will it be a trainer who will help you all the way through? Will it be inspiring fitness coach on youtube? Or will you make your own workout plan (it might even be dancing or any kind of sport)? What makes you happy is the right motivation here because by choosing a new healthy lifestyle it should still make you feel good about yourself and what you are doing. And again no time limit here you take as long as you need! But if you decide to take things slow make sure you feel good about that too. Kiss!

#4 Be prepared to have a plan B

Looking back from my experience I have muscular strong legs and by working out my but and legs I made them tight tight not just tight if you know what I mean. So I chose to let it go and concentrate on upper body strength and cardio. And again if somehow cardio won’t work I will go do Yoga.

#5 Stick to ‘if I will have a donat today I work twice harder next day or later that day’

Don’t do things like I can’t handle this, this is stressing me out, f*** goals. You can get through all this while you are alive you have plenty of chances to start over, keep fighting and set higher goals. You are the badass!

#6 Reward yourself!

This is the thing most of the people forget to do. It’s not just about being a kid who gets a gold star for his good grades. It’s not about age or way of thinking. This is the thing that helps you grow and feel better about things you do! Don’t just take it as an advice for fitness goals but for all kinds of life goals. It’s like having your best friend around at all times who claps on your shoulder and says ‘good job’! And you say back ‘how about another good job?’

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